St.MSP Club Bwanas (Leaders)

KWeen & HeadBwana (President)

First Mate (Vice President)

Doug Hendrix

Purser (Treasurer)

Linda Charnley

Population Control (Membership)

Rob Winters

Bartender (Social Director)

John Sherwin

Charity Bwana

Mike Grogan

Jungle Drummer (Secretary/Communicator)

Brett Stuempges

Tiki IDOL (Member-At-Large)

Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery

(On Island Time, Mon....)

St.MinneSomePlace maintains a Public Google Drive,

housing the important documents and EVIDENCE (photos) of our organization. 

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St.MSP Google Drive - PUBLIC

Club ByLaws and Policy

Our ByLaws detail how our club is run, and who has various operational responsibilities.