St.MSP Club Bwanas (Leaders)

HeadBwana (President)

First Mate (Vice President)

Doug Hendrix

Purser (Treasurer)

Mike and Sara Montgomery

Tiki Mikey and Hula Girl Sara 

Population Control (Membership)

Rob Winters

Bartender (Social Director)

John Sherwin

Charity Bwana

Mike Grogan

Mike Grogan

YETI !!!!

Jungle Drummer (Secretary/Communicator)

Brett Stuempges

Brett Stuempges

(How did STUMPY get out again....)

St.MinneSomePlace maintains a Public Google Drive,

housing the important documents and EVIDENCE (photos) of our organization. 

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St.MSP Google Drive - PUBLIC

Club ByLaws and Policy

Our ByLaws detail how our club is run, and who has various operational responsibilities.