St MinneSomePlace In Paradise
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2009 Photos
  Alpine Valley
  Summerzcool....that's for sure!
Another Tuesday night at Floyds and Ol' Joe Bones in the Back Yard!


John Sherwin, Heidi Wulf, Jon Gaasedelen and Marilyn Listvan presented a $2000 donation to Pam Anderson, Director at Helping Paws.  Graduation ceremonies also took place that day, May 9, for two dogs who were welcomed as trained helper dogs.  These special dogs help injured people live more independent lives.  Present at the ceremonies were about 50 very adorable undergraduate puppies watching VERY attentively and learning to deal with crowds.

The proceeds from the 2009 St MSP Cajun Martini and Afternoon golf tourney was donated to the local Alzheimers Association on September 26 at the annual Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk.  Tim Wulf and John Sherwin made the presentation of the $1000 check.

Wednesday September 30, 2009KOKOMO'S Beach Bar!
There’s Always Something to Celebrate in the Islands!
“Jambo” ol' Joe Bones



The St MinneSomePlace krewe attending the MoTM.  If you look closely, you will notice two St MSP signs.  One tells you which direction you have to go to get to St MinneSomePlace...but really, it's any place you want it to be!
Attendees included:  (from left) Dan Campbell, Linda Rapp, Jeff Ragatz, John Sherwin, Jeff Rapp,
Dave Carlton, Rob Winters, Brett (Stumpy) Stuempges, Judith Meigel, Kris Morgan,
Don Meigel, Patience Svor, Mike (Ozzie) Oswald, Eric Svor.

Submitted by John Sherwin
The St MinneSomePlace in Paradise Krewe having a morning libation in the Green Parrot during the 2009 Meeting of the Minds.  The consensus is that the Bloody Marys at the Green Parrot are the best on the island... although they can't compare to the Bloody Marys right here in Victoria, MN, at Floyds!

The St MinneSomePlace Krewe left to right:  Brett (Stumpy) Stuempges with the Parrot on his head,
 Rob Winters, Dave Carlton, Mike (Ozzie) Oswald, Jeff Ragatz, Tracy Campbell, Don Meigel,
Judith Meigel (almost entirely hidden), Kris Morgan, Jeff Rapp, Linda Rapp, John Sherwin,
Dan Campbell, Patience Svor, Eric Svor.

Meeting of the Minds (MoTM) brings together around 3,000 Parrot Heads from all over the US, Canada,
the US Virgin Islands, and Australia in Key West each November.  The two main themes of MoTM
are the overwhelming amount of outstanding TropRock music and the laid-back lifestyle that
Parrot Heads everywhere aspire to and can actually accomplish in the Keys for a few days.  
From the main stage on the beach at the Casa Marina, we heard bands like Jimmy Parrish
and the Ocean Wave Band, Sunny Jim and his All-Star band (John Frinzi, John Patti,
Tom and Michelle Becker --- Lattitude), Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, and the
Boat Drunks who were joined by most of the Coral Reefers and Ilo Ferriera.
Little Feat  was the featured act on Saturday night.

Street Fest showcased PHINS (who many of you will remember playing on the 2nd level of the 'castle' at Canterbury for our THR Phlocking a couple of years ago), Jerry Diaz and Hanna's Reef, and Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 which features Detroit Lakes own Dave Herzog on the pans!

There are small stages and venues all over the island where songwriters gathered and played their songs joined by whoever happened to stop by.  Everyone really enjoyed these smaller groups where the audience and the performers were able to interact and get to know each other.

All of the usual haunts in Key West were booked with the musicians that were in town for MoTM.  So once the activities for the day at the Casa wound down, there was a mad dash to catch musical acts all over town or to just head to Irish Kevins and drink and sing 'bawdy' songs.  The Garden of Eden is always a popular late-night spot in Key West, too. 

Meeting and hanging out with Parrot Heads from all over the country is a highlight of MoTM.  Some of us may have even wrangled a wedding invitation to Key West in June. 

One of the biggest highlights of this year's MoTM was our own Jambo ol'  Joe Bones opening at Margaritaville on Sunday, 11/8.  Most of us gathered at Margaritaville to listen to Joe and to surprise him with our new "Moustache Rock" tee shirts thanks to Stumpy and Kris.  What a blast it was being able to help jump start Joe's week in Key West.
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